Top 8 Reasons Why Selling Option Premium is the Best Way to Increase Income – and Why People are Scared to Start

Approximate Reading Time: 5 Minutes Summary Selling option premium (primarily puts) has a high probability of profit You can consistently make small profits that, with time, compound into much larger gains Financial advisors almost always perform poorly, but people tolerate it because they believe they cannot do better when managing their own money plus they don’t […]

The Top 3 Stock Option Strategies and How to Ensure that Almost Every Trade is a Winner

Approximate Reading Time: 8 Minutes Summary Selling stock market options (primarily put options) is your best strategy Specifically, selling naked puts & vertical credit spreads are the trade types that I prefer Selling straddles seems to work well, but it is more stressful, so I don’t use this strategy To ensure that almost every trade […]

Why Day Trading / Technical Analysis is a Scam And What Your Best Alternate Strategy Is That Can Make You Rich

Approximate Reading Time: 6 Minutes Summary Day trading / technical analysis is gambling: intraday prices are random (no chart pattern is a statistically significant winner) Trading commissions & fees will be expensive when day trading because brokers expect you to lose money quickly Stress of day trading & sitting in front of a computer is […]

The Best Online Stock Broker – And How to Get Started & Take Those First Steps

Approximate Reading Time: 5 Minutes Time Required to Open an Account: 2 hours work plus 5-6 days waiting period Summary I recommend OptionsHouse. While I’ve used Fidelity & Interactive Stock Broker previously, I’ve found OptionsHouse to provide the best value & customer support I place all my trades using their Android App, and have never […]