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Best Option Strategy by David Jaffee

Discover the best option strategy to be consistently profitable.

The best option strategy is to sell calls and puts on stocks that are overextended in price. At the same time, you must hedge your risk by buying options on those stocks.

Profitable trading is NOT a knowledge game.

If you go to college and study finance, will you be rich? Likely not. In fact, I learned very little valuable information in college that I use in real life.

Success is not about knowledge. And successful traders do not compete on knowledge.

College is bulls*t for most - and I'm saying that as someone who went to an Ivy League University and graduated with a 3.8 GPA.

College doesn't teach how to avoid big financial mistakes, and for many, going to college can be a mistake if it doesn't teach you valuable skills that you can monetize.

Trading knowledge is important, but execution is more valuable. blew up because they had knowledge but lacked discipline and good habits.

Information is everywhere, and there are TONS of useless information out there.

You need to dig deep to find useful knowledge.

In reality, knowledge is usually a distraction.

To be a profitable trader, you need to make good decisions.

To be successful in life, you need to act quickly, not consume useless information.

We live in an age where we need to FOCUS and starve ourselves of distractions. Many things are a distraction these days.

Video games? Watching CNBC, reading

Putting all your hope in a fake guru?

Taking pills? Eating bad food?

If it's not going to help you achieve your goal, then you should NOT indulge in it.

You're just wasting time.

People want to make easy money, but they forget that easy money is IMPOSSIBLE. "Easy come, easy go" is the saying.

When trading, if you want to outperform 95% of the people, it will never be easy.

Some think that they can buy a $6,000 trading program on penny stocks or day trading and that they'll automatically be a successful and profitable trader.

This is FALSE.

I'm honest with you because I want you to accomplish your goals. Remember that you will NOT get rich by collecting knowledge.

Instantly Be a Successful & Profitable Trader

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Best Option Strategy for Consistent Profits

Limit your Trading Knowledge Sources to Be a Profitable Trader

Google can be used to access information whenever you need it. As I've said, there is too much useless knowledge out there. You need to LIMIT your information sources.

Trading options is not rocket science. You don't need to spend a lifetime learning how to do it.

There is no guaranteed profit option strategy.

If you knew how LITTLE information I consume, you'd be shocked. I do not watch TV or read any articles. I listen to podcasts, mostly about health optimization, but that's it.

Trading doesn't require substantial information.

We make the same trades over and over.

I make money because I'm disciplined and patient.

Instead of studying extensively, your best bet is to follow these steps:

1. Learn our best option strategy  

2. Practice and perfect your trading skills


Take the BEST options trading education course and become a profitable trader

1. Learn Our Best Option Strategy

You can learn our best option strategy strategy by watching YouTube videos, reading articles on and also by taking our Education Course.

You need a profitable trading strategy to trade stock options. Learning how to sell option premium is the best way.

Many people try to find a list of options strategies or an options strategies cheat sheet.

You're better off trying to keep things as simple as possible and trade a simple option strategy that will deliver consistent profits.

Remember that technical analysis and studying charts do NOT work. I've never met a profitable day trader who uses technical analysis.

Learn what Tastytrade and Option Alpha do not teach you, by thinking critically and making good decisions.

Forex trading is also a scam and will likely cause you to lose money.

As said before, too much useless information will distract you from learning the simple, correct way to trade.

You have to consume and internalize only the best information and ignore everything else. and David Jaffee teaches the best option strategy for beginners and does not overwhelm you with information. 

Information is just like food: when you overeat you get fat. When you try to consume and aggregate too much knowledge, you get confused and make mistakes.

That's why I eat the same thing every day: healthy fats, a lot of coconut oil and avocados. I eat grass-fed organic beef around two times a week so that I don't flood myself with too much protein.

I don't eat refined carbohydrates. Even though there's a plethora of food out there that I could consume, I am extremely selective on what I put in my body.

And... I practice intermittent fasting. Sometimes I don't eat anything for 5 days straight!

You should treat trading the same way. Knowledge is food for our brains. If we consume too much trading knowledge, our minds become unhealthy.


"Information is just like food: when you overeat you get fat, right? When you try to consume and aggregate too much knowledge, you get confused and make mistakes." - David Jaffee,

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2. Practice and Perfect your Simple Option Strategy

If you want to be a successful options trader, you need to make the right decisions and learn from experience so that you can trade your best option strategy.

It's important to have someone to look up to and follow.

Don't get distracted by useless trading knowledge.


An excellent way to start is by signing up for our trade alerts. It's only $19 for seven days!

We provide, in my opinion, the only legitimate trade alerts available. This way, you'll learn how to trade options and profit consistently in the stock market.

With the trade alerts, you'll also improve and increase your financial education through PRACTICE and REPETITION.

You'll learn how to trade options effectively. Investing in the stock market and learning how to trade is the best way to make extra money.

The best options trading strategies for beginners is to learn options trading from

And the best way to statistically and predictably make money in the stock market is by learning how to sell option premium.

Discover the Best Trading Strategy for Consistent Profits

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Conclusion: What the best option strategy?

Well, fellow traders, the main idea here is that to achieve success in trading, we need to combine a few things. The necessary amount of knowledge combined with experience and practice, a desire to be successful, and an ability to learn from our mistakes.


Basic knowledge + Experience / practice + Desire to succeed + Learning from mistakes

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This is the only way to be a profitable trader: not by jumping on the hamster wheel and delving into the rat race.

You don't need to be the most knowledgeable person to have the best option strategy.

The best options strategy for beginners is to sell calls and puts on underlying stocks that are extended in price.

To be a consistently profitable options trade, you need discipline and an ability to make good decisions.

If you overeat, you'll become unhealthy. If you consume too much information, you'll also become unhealthy.

Don't perpetuate the myth that knowledge is money because it's not.

Starve yourself of unnecessary information by only feeding yourself the absolute best quality "foods". Be persistent in improving yourself by learning skills.

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Begin your journey to profitable trading.

See you there.

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