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Best Live Options Trading Alerts and Signals Service (2023)

Are you looking to make profitable trades in the options market?

Do you want reliable alerts and signals that can guide your decision-making process?

Look no further than David Jaffee from, the best options trading alerts and signals provider in the market today.

With his expertise and proven track record, David Jaffee can help you navigate the complex world of options trading with ease.

One of the standout features of David Jaffee's options trading alerts is their affordability.

For just $19, you can access his option trade alerts for a full 7 days.

This low cost makes it accessible to traders of all levels, from beginners to experienced professionals.

With such a reasonable price, you can test the effectiveness of his alerts without breaking the bank.

What sets David Jaffee apart from other options trading alert providers is his ability to simplify complex concepts and strategies.

He understands that not everyone has a deep understanding of options trading, so he communicates in a clear and concise manner.

You won't be overwhelmed with technical jargon or confusing charts.

Instead, David Jaffee breaks down the information into easy-to-understand terms, allowing you to make informed decisions with confidence.

Additionally, David Jaffee teaches you how to be profitable in all market environments (including crashes)!

David Jaffee's alerts and signals are based on his years of experience, and he has had over 2,000 satisfied customers.

He utilizes his vast experience to identify profitable trading opportunities.

By following his option trade alerts, you can take advantage of his in-depth knowledge and increase your chances of making successful trades and being consistently profitable in all market environments.

One of the major advantages of using David Jaffee's options trading alerts is the educational value they provide.

In addition to the alerts themselves, you will also gain access to valuable educational materials that can enhance your understanding of options trading. David Jaffee frequently discusses why he entered a trade and his thoughts about the overall market.

This comprehensive approach ensures that you not only receive profitable alerts but also develop the skills necessary to become a successful options trader in the long run.

To get started with David Jaffee's options trading alerts, simply visit and sign up for the 7-day trial at the unbeatable price of $19.

During this trial period, you can experience the power of his alerts firsthand and see how they can benefit your trading strategy.

With his affordable pricing, simple language, and educational resources, David Jaffee from is the top choice for anyone looking to excel in options trading.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your options trading journey. Sign up for David Jaffee's options trading alerts today and take your trading to the next level.

Options Trading Alerts (FAQs)

What is an options alerts or signal?

These are push notifications that alert you to recommended trades, upcoming expiration dates, new opportunities, etc.

Live option trade signals are often sent via WhatsApp, email, text message, Discord, etc.

David Jaffee sends his live option trade alerts via WhatsApp. 

How do you read option alerts?

To read option alerts correctly, you need to learn the terminology (calls, callback contracts, expiration, etc.)

You can take an options trading education course at

What is the most successful options trading strategy?

One of the best options trading strategies to use is to sell option premium on stocks that you want to own while also collecting short-term premium on a large index (such as the S&P), and buying options on the index during times when volatility is low. This strategy will allow you to be profitable in all market environments (including crashes).

Are options trading alerts useful?

Yes, live options trading alerts and signals can be very useful. Traders receive information about potential trade opportunities in real-time via WhatsApp or other messaging apps.

This helps traders make better, more informed investment decisions while also saving them time.

Alerts can also be helpful for new traders who are still learning how to trade options properly and with the best possible profits.

Options trading alerts can also be useful for advanced traders who just want to optimize their trading strategy.

Should I pay for an options trading course?

It depends. If the instructor is good then it's worthwhile because purchasing an options trading course can save you a tremendous amount of time and also allow you to learn from other's mistakes so that you do not repeat those same mistakes.

A good course should teach you how to make money in ALL market environments.

Who has the best options trading courses?

Well, it's definitely not this list of best options trading course (I believe that followers of those course will almost all lose money).

Absolute beginners can learn the basics from Tastylive and then to enroll as a member of

What are some options trading alert terminology I should know?

 It's important to learn some of the key terms when trading options, these include:

- Premium - Option sellers receive premium when selling an option (the premium received is the maximum profit of a trade)

- Call contracts – Provides an option buyer with the right to purchase stock shares per the terms of their option contract

- Expiration – The date on which an option contract expires.

- Put contracts – Provides an option buyer with the right to sell stock shares short at a certain price (strike price) and prior to the expiration day

- Strike price – The previously agreed-upon price at which an underlying financial asset can be bought / sold

What are the benefits of live trade alerts services?

Live trade alerts services help their members save time and minimize costly mistakes.

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