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How Much Money Do You Need to Sell Options?

Only the rich make money trading options, right?Wrong.But, how much money do you need to sell options and be successful?David Jaffee of has proven that you can make money selling


What is the Best Strategy for Option Trading?

Trading options is a great way to make money.David Jaffee of believes that you can earn $1 million each year with options trading.But you cannot expect to make a million dollars overnight.By


Can You Make a Million Dollars Trading Options?

Everyone wants to make money, and most of us will fail along the way.David Jaffee of can teach you how to be consistently profitable when trading options.But, David Jaffee was not


Can You Make Money with Options Trading?

There are plenty of coaches and gurus encouraging people to get into options trading.While the prospect seems like a great opportunity to earn flexible income, is it legit?With so many online courses and


What is a Naked Option?

Some options traders prefer trading naked options instead of spreads. Naked options, also called uncovered options, allow traders to take a long (or short) position while collecting maximum premium.For


How to Make Money Trading [The Ultimate Guide]

Not all traders make money trading; this is due to common trading mistakes like the ones I discussed in a previous post about trading mistakes.In this post, I will be sharing with you how to

Option Alpha

Option Alpha Review. Option Alpha = Scam (Opinion) SHOCKING Evidence

This blog post will show you why I believe Option Alpha is a scam. Everything in this post is my opinion about Option Alpha & you are encouraged to draw your own conclusions.Are you wondering if Option

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