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closing options trades

Closing Options Trades: Why TastyTrade is Wrong

Closing options trades: "When should I exit a trade?" "How should I manage a winning options trade?”There are quite a few misconceptions about the best time to close options trades (whether it's a naked

Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology: The Emotional Toll of Being a Trader

In this post you'll learn about investor psychology and the psychology of trading.As much as the fake gurus want you to believe that you're going to make money every day, remember that there is no easy

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Why Did Optionsellers Blow Up? What Happened with’s been talking about, the hedge fund that lost a staggering $150+ million dollars of clients’ money by

options trading risky

Is Options Trading Risky? 2 Things You Must Know to Be a Profitable Options Trader

Is options trading risky?I always see this question in the comments of my YouTube videos.People express concern about options trading by insinuating that it is “picking up pennies in front of a steamroller”,

deserve success

Success: 3 Things You Can Do [Most Important Tips]

Do you truly deserve success? In today’s blog post you’re going to find out whether you truly deserve the success that you desire.I’ll also show you three things you can do to deserve success. I

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