How You Can Make Millions Day Trading In 5 Easy Steps
Make Millions

How YOU Can Make Millions Day Trading in 5 Easy Steps

Note: Although this blog post (and the YouTube video below) are rooted in sarcasm, the methodology and suggestions provided in this post are, unfortunately, accurate and utilized by many day trading fake gurus.


You’re probably looking at the above title and thinking “Has David lost his mind? I thought he always told us that retail day traders lose money?"

However, the reality is that I am going to teach you the best way (and possibly the only way) to earn money by day trading. 

In fact, this is the best strategy that virtually guarantees that you will be a consistently profitable day trader.

Before we get into it…

- This is better than anyone else’s strategy

- While companies like SMB Capital (which is not registered with FIRNA; and none of their traders have Series 57 licenses, despite SMB claiming that they’re a “proprietary hedge fund”), offer to teach you day trading, the strategy in this article virtually guarantees that you’ll be profitable! 

And it's FREE!

Step #1: Start a YouTube Channel

Setting up a YouTube Channel is relatively simple. 

Feel free to design an aesthetically pleasing banner and logo - websites like Canva can help.

Step #2: Create Clickbait Videos

You’ll need to attract attention by creating clickbait videos. 

Topics such as “Turning $5000 into $10 Million” are a good place to start.

Another possible video title would be, “How I Turned 5 Pennies into 5 Lambos”.

Step #3: Create a Discord Group Chat

Once you have an audience, you need to create a Discord Chat and heavily promote it to obtain as many members as possible.

Step #4: Trade Penny Stocks

You must trade penny stocks. 

You need penny stocks with low float / low trading volume so that you can easily manipulate the price.  

Step #5: Front Run your Subscribers or Followers

Buy an easily-manipulated, low-float, penny stock, and then tell your followers, in Discord, to buy the stock. 

Then, as they buy, you can realize riskless profits by selling the shares back to them at inflated prices.

This is called “pump and dump” and it’s extremely common among day traders on YouTube.

You may be thinking, “David, is this legal?” 

And the answer is, “Yes!”

Your favorite YouTube day trading guru is likely using this exact strategy! 


This is the best way for you to be consistently profitable as a retail day trader. 

Let’s quickly summarize the steps for you to become a profitable day trader:

  1. Start a YouTube Channel 
  2. Create clickbait videos to attract attention
  3. Start a Discord Group Chat
  4. Trade penny stocks
  5. Front-run your subscribers / followers
So the only question that remains is: What are you waiting for?!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do retail day traders lose money?

The issue is that day trading has a negative edge. From a geometric return perspective, even if you win 50% of your trades (and usually day traders win much less), you'll go bankrupt because when you lose 1% you need to make slightly more than 1% to get back to even.

Day trading is basically death by 1,000 paper cuts.

When selling options and collecting premium, there's a built-in statistical edge since implied volatility is overstated when compared to realized vol.

As long as option sellers hedge and neutralize the tail risk, then they'll make money.

Is there any research studies about day trading outcomes and day trading profitability?

Yes, there are numerous studies about how day traders lose money.

Two of these studies are here:

The studies indicate that ~99.8% of day traders lose money and that the 0.2% that don't earn less than minimum wage.

They also indicate that there is no learning component to day trading and that day trading is similar to playing roulette at the casino.

What day traders on YouTube front run their subscribers?

Lol. No comment!

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