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Stock Options Courses for Beginners

When it comes to stock options, beginners often fall in one of two traps.

You are so excited to get started that you quickly get in over your head, or you are too afraid to start trading and waste your time researching.

Both paths result in losses of time, money, and precious resources.

David Jaffee encourages beginners to push past fear and uncertainty while remaining strategic and patient.

With the best stock options courses for beginners, you can gain the knowledge needed to successfully trade options from day one.

Keep reading to discover the three resources all beginners should check out.

Watch’s YouTube Playlist

As one of the top options trading coaches, David Jaffee has a YouTube channel full of detailed information on the best stock and options strategy for beginners.

There are more than 100 videos on David Jaffee’s Options Trading for Beginners YouTube playlist, and each offers valuable insights and wisdom.

David Jaffee is one of the only options trading coaches to share all his trades.

If you want to successfully trade options, you have to learn from an experienced teacher.

Free videos from include the following options trading topics for beginners.

Create a Watch List

David Jaffee does not obsessively watch news coverage or read articles about his stocks.

Instead of wasting his time following the latest reports and projections, he chooses a small watch list of recession-proof stocks.

By limiting the number of stocks, David Jaffee is able to learn the ups and downs of each.

In his Ultimate Options Trading Step by Step Guide, David Jaffee breaks down how to form your own watch list with good diversification.

How to Cope with Losses

While winning 95% or more of your trades is great, there will still be losses.

Trading can bring about an emotional toll and plenty of stress.

If you are a beginner, it is important to learn how to handle losses when trading options.

By using the best strategy to trade options, it is easy to become accustomed to winning every trade.

That makes it much harder to watch your hard-earned money slip away.

As difficult as it is to lose from time-to-time, selling option premium provides consistent profits to weather the storm whenever there is a large volatility expansion event.

Benefits of Selling Option Premium

Put the probabilities in your favor by selling option premium.

Selling option premium is one of the only stock strategies that lets you control the outcome.

David Jaffee teaches beginners how to choose the right strike price and win up to 98% of their trades.

When selling option premium, you're turning yourself into an insurance company by collecting premium.

Instead of guessing direction and gambling, you can learn an options trading strategy that generates reliable income and which has a high probability of profit.

Check out the Blog

In addition to his YouTube channel, David Jaffee runs an expansive blog on options trading.

The blog breaks down complex options trading topics in ways that are easy for beginners to follow.

From the latest market updates to real-world examples, David Jaffee provides copious amounts of free options trading resources for all beginners and advanced options traders.

Best Three Strategies for Trading Options

The best thing you can do as a beginner is set yourself up for success.

David Jaffee teaches the best strategies for trading options, including selling option premium.

You can ensure that almost every trade is a winner by learning how to sell stock options, sell vertical credit spreads, and rolling / managing your tested trades.

Learn the definition of naked puts, follow allow with examples, and discover the safest way to trade options.

Best Online Brokerage for Beginners

There is no need to complicate online stock trading.

Many beginners get lost in a flood of information and do not know where to begin.

Instead of procrastinating or searching for tips and tricks, David Jaffee recommends you just get started.

By breaking down the top online stock brokers, David Jaffee makes it easy for traders to choose the best online brokerage for beginners.

Visit the Learning Center on

David Jaffee also recommends beginners check out the free resources available from

While’s overall methodology and options trading strategy have some flaws, the site provides considerable foundational information for beginners.

From the Broken Wing Butterfly to the Jade Lizard, breaks down a variety of options strategies in their Learn Center.

You can learn trade management and portfolio management tips through videos, articles, online quizzes, and more.

When you are ready to invest in your options trading education, combine your free resources with David Jaffee’s online options trading course

Perfect for beginners and advanced traders alike, David Jaffee’s course provides a step-by-step guide for trading options.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Best Options Trading Courses for beginners?


2) Tastytrade

3) IntheMoney

How do I learn stock options?

You can visit and enter your email address to receive over $400+ of valuable free options trading information.

Which course is best for option trading?

The best options trading course, both for beginners and experienced traders, is David Jaffee's course from

Can a beginner trade in options?

Yes, definitely. A beginning options trader only needs a minimum of $2,000 to sell options.

Option trading classes near me?

It's best to take an online course. In-person courses will be much more expensive and in-person option trading classes do not provide any incremental benefit over online courses.

Best options trading course free?

I would recommend the YouTube playlist:

Are there options trading courses?

Yes, there are many. The advantage to a paid options trading course, such as the one by BestStockStrategy found here: is that this paid course will save you time and be much more organized and in-depth than free courses.

The BestStockStrategy options trading course provides everything you need to know in order to get started, and it's perfect for beginner through advanced options traders.

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