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college is a waste of time

College is a Waste of Time for ~98% of Students

Have you ever heard someone say that college is a waste of time and money?

Are you curious why many successful people do not have a college degree yet they are still rich and famous?

Should you force your kids to go to college or instead have them focus on learning valuable skills that they can monetize (such as online stock trading)?

I believe that universities are hurting America's future and ruining our children's minds.

As an Ivy League University graduate with a ~1500 SAT score, I think that universities do not prepare students for the real world.

I also believe that spending years in college is an enormous waste of time.

Personally, I spent so much time and energy to earn good grades (graduating when I was 20 years old so that I could begin work as an investment banker) yet I believe that my time would have been much better spent (and I'd be a lot wealthier) had I never gone to college.

As a college student, you're concerned about your social status / dating, memorizing information and comparing yourself to others.

Furthermore, the learning style in college is extremely passive!

You're sitting in class and memorizing facts from a book (both are passive consumption of information)

In the real world, active creators and industrious people are successful; passive consumers of information are not successful.

College does not teach you how to be an active creator.

Why College is a Waste of Time (Key Points)

  • In universities, you are being told what you should, and should not, do.
  • Universities do not instill positive habits and self-love, which I believe are the most important attributes that people need in order to be successful.
  • The knowledge that schools teach is outdated. There is nothing that a teacher knows that you can't find by searching Google or YouTube.
  • In college, you compete with your peers while in the real world, the biggest contributing factor to your success is how you behave when no one is watching.

Universities are TOO Scripted

In universities, you are told what you should, and should NOT, do.

Professors give you homework and provide a due date.

As a student, you're reactive; a professor says something, and you then have to do it.

College teaches you how to be a robot employee, not a successful entrepreneur.

In the real world, you have more freedom.

You can sit around all day, eat unhealthy foods, or choose to spend your time efficiently. 

The primary reasons why universities are ruining their students' minds are:

Universities do not instill positive habits and self-love, which I believe are the most important attributes that people need in order to be successful.

Universities do not teach people how to use their time efficiently and actively create valuable products.

Colleges DO NOT Instill Positive Habits

By building positive habits, you can live a great life without wasting your time and money on useless things.

Positive habits also allow you to love yourself and stop comparing yourself to other people.

If you have positive habits, you won't react in a negative manner to stressful situations.

You will be able to avoid depression and anxiety.

You will learn to deal with your emotions and you'll have a high likelihood of being successful.

Receiving a degree from a prominent school is not the determining factor between successful and unsuccessful people.

Instead, one of the most important determining factors is: what you do in your spare time when no one else is watching (your productivity and industriousness).

This will have a big impact as to whether you will become successful.

Building positive habits does not require you to sign up for online courses (or going to a Tony Robbins event).

These forms of external validation, stimulation and motivation are fleeting and rarely bring about lasting change.

Since college does not encourage positive habits that will serve you as an adult, I believe that college is a waste of time.

"Universities do not instill positive habits and self-love, which I believe are the most important attributes that people need in order to be successful." - David Jaffee,

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Universities are Pointless (for most)

Unless you need a college degree for graduate school (lawyer, doctor, etc.) then college is probably not only a waste of time, probably does more harm than good.

Young students make decisions to pursue careers that oftentimes require a 5 - 10 year commitment (doctors and lawyers), only to find out that they hate their jobs.

Unfortunately for them, they can't get that time (or money) back!

Universities do NOT teach people how to love themselves; and many young students go to college just because they don't want to be judged negatively when graduating high school.

Instead, universities create competition among cohorts that lead to insecurity which carries forward into adulthood.

There is a lot of segregation and stereotyping inside these schools.

Furthermore, universities carry large disadvantages to children from low-income families (oftentimes requiring those families to fall into debt to pay tuition).

The reality is that college is a waste of time and money because the schools are outdated.

There is nothing that a teacher knows that you can't find by searching Google or YouTube.

There are better teachers on YouTube (and YouTube is free).

Additionally, memorizing information for an exam, only to forget it later, is completely worthless.

Learning calculus in University is worthless.

Can you remember the last time you used calculus in real life?

I haven't applied anything that I learned in school besides reading, writing, and arithmetic.

Even as an investment banker and options trader, all of the skills that I learned were taught on-the-job.

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College is a Waste of Time and Money

  • Besides reading, writing, and arithmetic, schools haven't taught me any valuable skills that I've used to make money as an investment banker or options trader.
  • Having a degree from a prominent school is not the determining factor between successful and unsuccessful people.
  • College is incredibly detrimental to our children's development.
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Is a College Degree Still Worth it?

Universities do not teach you valuable skills, so do you think that a college degree is still worth it?

In my opinion, college is incredibly detrimental to our children's development.

What can we do if we want to raise a child who is going to be successful in the future?

As a parent, we need to fill them with love and teach them to love themselves.

We have to convince and show them how important it is to have positive thoughts and positive habits.

We also need to teach them how to filter out all the unnecessary and negative information that bring about feelings of anger and hatred.

We should take control over our children's education.

Let us teach them NOT to stereotype and judge other people.

Let us teach them positive mental health and how to make healthy decisions.

Most of all, we need to show them that being successful in life does not require HIGH grades or exam scores, rather it's more important to focus on positive habits and efficient usage of their valuable time.

We have to introduce them to the real world and the different opportunities that they have if they learn monetizable skills such as entrepreneurship and trading.

"Let us teach our children NOT to stereotype and judge other people." - David Jaffee

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Colleges Stifle Creativity

I recorded the YouTube video embedded in this post on a Saturday (Labor Day).

I recorded that video on a holiday because I keep my commitments.

I honor my commitments to both myself and to other people.

College is a waste of time because they do not teach you how valuable it is to honor your commitments.

If you want to be successful, you have to honor yourself. You also need to learn how to serve other people and commit to your purpose.

This is one of the reasons why I say that universities are not good for our children. It stifles their creativity and individualism.

Instead of using our friends in a collaborative effort so that we can expand and help ourselves in a cohort, universities encourage us to create an environment where we compete against our classmates, which is harmful to our growth.

In the real world, people are placed on teams; co-workers are not competitors.

In the real world, you should not compete against anyone else except yourself.

Also, whether I write this blog post or just sleep all day, nobody cares.

I committed to completing this blog post and am resolute in keeping that promise to myself.

College is a Waste of Time & Scam: The Elephant in the Room

Not only is college a waste of time, will likely incur massive debt to obtain a college degree.

Most people sacrifice ~4 - 5 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars for a degree.

College debt is enormous.

The total student debt in the U.S. is over $1.5 trillion, and 2017 graduates who took out loans to attend college have an average of $28,650 in debt each, according to the most recent report on student loan borrowing from the Institute for College Access & Success

Conclusion: College is a Waste of Time

I was an investment banker for 5 years and today, I am an options trader. I teach beginner through advanced traders to make money trading options.

I wrote this blog post so that people know that college is a waste of time and money and I believe that children should focus on learning monetizable skills.

If you want me to teach you and your children how to trade options even if you have no college degree, please enter in your e-mail address below and receive $400 worth of learning materials for FREE.

Thank you so much for your time and if you have questions, please feel free to leave your comments below.

You can also contact me at my David Jaffee personal website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is college a waste of time?

College oftentimes requires 4+ years of commitment and costs ~$75,000 a year. Additionally, virtually everything that you'll learn can also be learned on Google or YouTube. Very few careers require a college degree.

You're better off working as a real estate agent, a nightclub promoter or starting your own business as opposed to spending 4+ years to earn a degree that will cost you ~$300,000.

Is college a waste of money?

There are definitely many worse ways to spend money, however there are also many better ways. The debt that students incur from going to college adds significant stress as well. For many people, college will end up being a big waste of time and money.

Is college worth it or not?

If you want to be a doctor or lawyer, or anything else that necessitates a college degree, then college is worth it.

However, unless you're certain about your career choice, and that career requires a college degree, then it's highly likely that college will not be worth it for you.

What are some ways I can save time and money while still earning a college degree?

Take advantage of community colleges! Take community college classes while in high school and also over the summer. Community colleges are significantly less expensive than college / university and community colleges will save you both time and money!

Who else believes that college is a waste of time?

This article recently came out about college being a waste of time.

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