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seliing put vs buying options

Selling Put Options vs. Buying Stocks – Which is Better

Have you ever come across someone telling you that selling put options is a terrible idea?They might have also told you that buying stocks is way better when it comes to earning a profit!For someone that

Is Trading Options Gambling

Is Trading Options Gambling?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “You have to spend money to make money?”When it comes to the stock market, it sometimes feels like you need to lose money with the hope of making money in

What are margin accounts

What are Margin Accounts?

When learning how to make money in the stock market, you might have heard the term margin accounts or a margin call. With that said, what is a margin account? And how is it relevant to your options trading


What is the Wheel Strategy (and Should You Trade It)?

Traders are always looking for the most profitable trading strategy.Thankfully, there are several profitable options trading strategies that you can try.David Jaffee of teaches his

Buying vs Selling Options

Buying vs. Selling Options

If you are interested in options trading, or active trading, you may have heard some horror stories.People trade too large and end up losing everything, becoming a cautionary tale for other traders.So,

Stock Market

Will the Stock Market Crash?

2022 was a very poor year for many investors.The overall market was down around 20% and large capitalization stocks like Amazon were down 50% and Tesla was down around 70%. Bitcoin was also down around

Selling Covered Calls Strategy

Selling Covered Calls

David Jaffee of does not recommend owning stock (unless the market is severely oversold).Stocks are very capital inefficient and owning stocks does not provide you with the highest

strategy for option trading

Warren Buffett Sells Option Premium

Warren Buffett is worth over $100 billion and considered one of the world’s greatest investors.As one of the wealthiest people on the planet, many traders and investors model their strategies after Buffett.The

options expire

What Happens When Options Expire?

When you trade options, you possess the right to buy or sell an underlying security with certain terms.David Jaffee of has taught more than 1,500 students how to trade options, including


When do options expire?

Stocks and option contracts differ in multiple ways, including expiration date.While stocks can exist in perpetuity, options expire and cease to exist.Understanding when options expire can help you make

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