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best options trading strategies

Options Trading Strategies: Best 3 Strategies [Win Almost Every Trade]

This article discusses the best options trading strategies for traders to make consistent profits.Plus, I discuss how to ensure that almost every trade is a winner.Many people buy calls and puts; that's

Real P&L Course Review

Real P&L Course Review. Is Karl Domm Legit?

Real P&L Course Review. Is Karl Domm Legit?David Jaffee from blog. Learn options trading from the only legitimate options trading coach. Learn the

options trading example

Options Trading Example: How I Make $1 Million a Year Trading Options

In this post, I will share with you an options trading example and how I use this best option strategy to earn $1+ million dollars a year by trading options.Earning a million dollars a year by

make money trading

How to Make Money Trading [The Ultimate Guide]

Not all traders make money trading; this is due to common trading mistakes like the ones I discussed in a previous post about trading mistakes.In this post, I will be sharing with you how to

Best Online Brokerage

Best Online Brokerage for Beginners {Ultimate Guide} 

Best Online Brokerage: This article discusses how to choose the best online brokerage so that you can get started towards your journey of becoming a consistently profitable options trader.Many people

profitable trading knowledge

Most Profitable Trading Strategy by David Jaffee

Profitable trading is NOT a knowledge game.If you go to college and study finance, will you be rich? Likely not. In fact, I learned very little valuable information in college that I use in real life.Success

selling puts strategy

Options Trading Strategies: Interested in Selling Puts? Best Comprehensive Guide

You will not earn money with options trading unless you execute this selling puts strategy that I will share with you in this post.There is a lot of misleading information from fake gurus telling

college is a waste of time

College is a Waste of Time for ~98% of Students

Have you ever heard someone say that college is a waste of time and money?Are you curious why many successful people do not have a college degree yet they are still rich and famous?Should you force

learn options trading

Learn Options Trading: 3 Hard Truths You MUST Know!

Do you want to learn options trading? I have summarized three hard truths you MUST know so that you will NOT be misled by all the rumors out there about option trading. This is an options trading

robinhood investing review

Robinhood Investing Review: Is Robinhood Options Trading a SCAM?

Robinhood Investing Review: Is Robinhood Options Trading a SCAM?Robinhood provides free trading at an enormous cost. Their support is terrible and their traders usually adopt bad habits