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Options Trading Strategies: Best 3 Strategies [Win Almost Every Trade]

This article discusses the best options trading strategies for traders to make consistent profits.Plus, I discuss how to ensure that almost every trade is a winner.Many people buy calls and puts; that's


Buy Amazon Stock Now And Make Money?

Is Amazon a buy?As of June 17, 2022, Amazon is currently trading around $105.I know that a lot of tech stocks, and other stocks, have pulled back by about 50 to 70 percent. In this situation, especially


How to Make Money in a Bear Market (Stock Market Guide)

How to make money in a bear market?How to trade in a bear market. A lot of people over the last four to five months have lost money because the market is down around 30%.In this article we're going


Are NFTs a SCAM?

Are NFTs a scam? NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens and I know that a lot of people are going to say that they're not scammy and that it's the future of electronic ownership but in my opinion I definitely


Why Do Option Traders Lose Money?

Why option traders lose money.I believe that the primary reason why option traders lose money is that they trade too large and they also don't take into account how volatility expansion affects their account.If


Will Bitcoin Drop to $0?

Will Bitcoin drop to $0?I know that there are a lot of cheerleaders who believe that bitcoin is going to increase to a $100,000 however if I had to provide my own opinion I would say that bitcoin is much

options trading risky

Options Trading Risky? 2 Things You Must Know to Profitable Options Trading

Is options trading risky?I always see this question in the comments of my YouTube videos.People express concern about options trading by insinuating that it is “picking up pennies in front of a steamroller”,


What I Learned After Losing Money Trading Options in PayPal

What I Learned After Losing Money by trading options in PayPal.I also discuss the major takeaways.How I Lost Money Trading Options in PayPalAround October 2021, I made a trade in PayPal.I was short a $215


Options Trading Course

If you are looking for a flexible way to earn money, finding the best options trading course is very important.David Jaffee of used to be a Wall Street investment banker and now he


Trading (and Making Money) During a Recession

There are steps you can take to increase your chances of trading profitably during a recession. These include:Volatility IndexDuring a recession, the stock market tends to “pull back”, meaning

Best Online Trading Brokerage

How to Find the Best Online Trading Brokerage

In this article, you are going to find the best online trading brokerage for you. A few quick things to keep in mind: 1. Almost all of the brokerages are the same2. You should look for online

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