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Stock Options Courses for Beginners

When it comes to stock options, beginners often fall in one of two traps.You are so excited to get started that you quickly get in over your head, or you are too afraid to start trading and waste your


Karen the Supertrader a Fraud. Valuable Lessons YOU Can Learn.

Is Karen the Supertrader from Tastytrade legitimate?Watch this video below and learn my opinion: Karen Bruton's Original ClaimsBruton claimed that she started


0 DTE and 1 DTE Trading: The Ultimate Guide

I believe that selling strangles on SPX using 1 DTE trading is better than any other 0 or 1 DTE option trading strategy.Understanding 0 and 1 DTE TradingDay to Expiration

selling puts strategy

Selling Puts Strategy: Comprehensive Guide

Want to learn the best way to be a profitable trader?Then read about the selling puts strategy outlined in this post.Once you learn the best options trading strategies, you'll realize that the best


Top 3 Best Free Options Trading Courses

Do you have to spend thousands of dollars to learn how to trade options?No.You can learn valuable options trading strategies for free.Some of the top options trading coaches today offer a variety of free


Options Trading Example: How You Can Make $1 Million a Year Trading Options

While headlines touting million-dollar options profits may be alluring, building wealth through options requires realistic expectations and a focus on consistent, long-term returns. Here, we'll explore

Wheel Strategy

Wheel Strategy Options Trading Strategy (Dangers and Benefits)

What are the pros and cons of the options trading wheel strategy? David Jaffee of breaks down the wheel strategy and whether or not


Teri Ijeoma Trade & Travel Review. SCAM?

Teri Ijeoma reviews. Is Teri Ijeoma from Trade and Travel legitimate?Watch this video below and learn my opinion: In my opinion, Teri Ijeoma and Trade and Travel

Real P&L Course Review

Real P&L Course Review. Is Karl Domm Legit?

David Jaffee Reviews Real P&L Options Trading and Karl DommReal P&L and Karl Domm review from David Jaffee.I first became aware of Karl Domm after reviewing his YouTube channelKarl used to do extensive


Free Options Trading Courses

In this article you're going to learn about some of the best free options trading courses.If you are interested in trading options, it is important to continually learn new things.Free options trading