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Unusual Options Activity

What Can Unusual Options Activity Tell You About a Stock?

When it comes to learning new terms or strategies in options trading, you may feel tempted to learn everything. However, there is some information out there that could end up causing more harm than good.In

strategy for option trading

Strategy for Option Trading

Did you know that you can get paid to buy a stock at a reduced price while also getting paid for your time?When people think of the “stock market,” they often think of buying stocks with the hopes

Buy Hold Sell

Option Trading Strategy

If you’re interested in options trading, chances are you want to make money consistently. Even the most skilled options traders lose from time to time, but learning how to mitigate losing trades

Options Trading

How Does Options Trading Work?

Calls, puts, naked options, wheel strategies…If you are new to options trading, you may be wondering what it all means. There is a lot that goes into trading options, and many new traders find

Options Trading Basics

Options Trading Basics

Options trading is a great way to supplement your income or create a flexible source of income. While some people equate options trading with playing the stock market, there are options trading strategies

Theta when trading options

What is Theta when Trading Options?

For new and experienced options traders, it is always good to review foundational principles. A term that you may have heard when it comes to trading options is theta. So what is Theta when trading

Beststockstrategy options trading

Learn Options Trading

People are always searching for a side hustle.It seems that everyone wants to learn how to make extra money quickly these days, without having to invest a lot of their own time or money.While there are


Ricky Gutierrez Review. Is Learn Plan Profit a SCAM?

Is Ricky Gutierrez and Learn Plan Profit legitimate or a scam?Watch this video below and learn my opinion: In my opinion, Ricky Gutierrez is one of the


Live Traders Review. Is Jared Wesley a SCAM?

Is Jared Wesley and Live Traders legitimate or a scam?Watch this video below and learn my opinion: Who is Jared Wesley from Live Traders?Jared Wesley runs

Trading Options is Better than Trading Stocks

3 Reasons Why Trading Options is Better than Trading Stocks

A lot of beginner traders ask me this question: should I trade options or stocks?It may be difficult to choose one since both seem like attractive choices.The truth is that it depends on which one suits