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Trading Options Secrets

3 Secrets That No One Tells You When Trading Options

Gatekeeping happens in every industry when top gurus refuse to share their knowledge and experience. However, you can still learn key points that nobody tells you when trading options. David Jaffee

Best Option Trading Experts

Best Option Trading Experts on YouTube

Like many people, you may assume that trading options is tougher and more complicated than regular day trading or trading stocks. However, this isn’t true.Trading options and using strategies to sell

Which Trading Strategy is Best?

Which Trading Strategy is Best?

There are countless options trading strategies, and you could spend hours watching YouTube videos and reading articles on how to trade options. David Jaffee of makes it simple

Scalping Trading

What is Scalping Trading?

Everybody wants to turn a quick profit, which may draw some traders to a scalping trading strategy. While scalping, sometimes referred to as day trading, promises quick returns, it rarely delivers. David

Swing Trading

What is Swing Trading?

Options traders are always concerned with risk and reward, seeking the right balance to optimize their profits while minimizing risk. David Jaffee of has taught more than 1,500

Trading Mistakes to Avoid

Common Options Trading Mistakes to Avoid

As an investor, you may know that trading in options can help you make considerable money when the stock goes down or up. You will be happy to know that options trading can be an excellent way to manage


What Happened to James Cordier of

James Cordier net worth used to be massive, until he got greedy and sold too many call options on natural gas.David Jaffee of received a lot of questions and comments about


The Best Stocks for Option Trading

New options traders can quickly become overwhelmed when researching and choosing stocks. Even experienced traders can struggle with narrowing their strategy and focusing on the right stocks. David

make money with options trading

How to Make Money with Options Trading

If you are looking for a way to make money without investing too much time and money upfront, consider options trading. By learning how to make money with options trading, you can create a consistent

Unusual Options Activity

What Can Unusual Options Activity Tell You About a Stock?

When it comes to learning new terms or strategies in options trading, you may feel tempted to learn everything. However, there is some information out there that could end up causing more harm than good.In