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What Happed to James Cordier of

David Jaffee of received a lot of questions and comments about hedge fund lost around $150 million of their clients’ money, and David Jaffee breaks down where


Can You Make a Million Dollars Option Trading?

Everyone wants to make money, and most of us will fail along the way.David Jaffee of can teach you how to be consistently profitable when trading options.But, David Jaffee was not


Which Option Strategy is Most Profitable?

Too often, traders try to trade options without understanding the various strategies available to them. Options trading is not a game of luck or chance.Successfully trading options requires knowledge,


Can You Make Money with Options Trading?

There are plenty of coaches and gurus encouraging people to get into options trading.While the prospect seems like a great opportunity to earn flexible income, is it legit?With so many online courses and


What is a Naked Option?

Some options traders prefer trading naked options instead of spreads. Naked options, also called uncovered options, allow traders to take a long (or short) position while collecting maximum premium.For


Options Trading with David Jaffee

David Jaffee teaches retail investors to trade options.Sometimes referred to as “DIY investing,” options trading enables you to manage your portfolio without the oversight of a financial advisor. If


Stop Looking for Tips and Tricks: The Truth About Profitable Options Trading

Our brains are inherently wired to look for shortcuts or an easier path. It is part of our nature that serves us well in many situations, saving time, energy, and money. However, sometimes there are no

Real P&L Course Review

Real P&L Course Review. Is Karl Domm Legit?

David Jaffee Reviews Real P&L Options Trading and Karl DommReal P&L review from David Jaffee.Karl Domm first appeared on David Jaffee’s radar when he began commenting on’s


Options Trading Example: How You Can Make $1 Million a Year Trading Options

In this post, I will share with you an options trading example and how you can use this best option strategy to earn $1+ million dollars a year by trading options.Earning a million dollars a year by trading


How to Make Money Trading [The Ultimate Guide]

Not all traders make money trading; this is due to common trading mistakes like the ones I discussed in a previous post about trading mistakes.In this post, I will be sharing with you how to