ZipTrader Review. Is Charlie From ZipTrader A SCAM? – Options Trading with David Jaffee
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ZipTrader Review. Is Charlie a SCAM?

ZipTrader review.

Is Charlie from ZipTrader a scam?

Watch these videos below for more insight into Charlie from ZipTrader:

In forming my opinion of "Charlie", it's important to know that Charlie isn't his real name.

His real name is Joshua Charles Plattus.

"Charlie" lives in a $4MM home: ZipTrader Charlie Home

However, did he buy a $4MM home by trading?

I highly doubt it.

In my opinion, Charlie is one of the biggest frauds in the industry.

In my opinion, virtually all of Charlie's students are likely to lose money by following him.

Conclusion: Charlie from ZipTrader Review

In my opinion, Charlie from ZipTrader will not teach you how to be a profitable trader.

I believe that the FTC and the Federal Government would easily get shut down Joshua Charles Plattus and ZipTraderU.

I believe that virtually all of his students will lose money.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Charlie from ZipTrader a scam artist?

In my opinion, I believe that Charlie is not legitimate and, in my opinion, I don't believe his students will make money.

Please review ZipTraderU

In my opinion, I believe that virtually every student who enrolls in ZipTraderU will lose money.

Is ZipTraderU a scam?

In my opinion, I belive that ZipTraderU is a scam and that "Charlie" is a fraud.

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