Felix Prehn Goat Academy: Scam? My Shocking Review

Felix Prehn Goat Academy Review: Scam / Fraud?

Felix Prehn and Goat Academy review. 

Is Felix Prehn and Goat Academy legitimate?

Watch this video below and learn my opinion:

In my opinion, Felix Prehn is the most dangerous predator that I've ever reviewed (worse than Teri Ijeoma).

  • Felix Prehn is a compulsive liar who has likely never worked in investment banking.
  • Felix Prehn and Goat Academy's trading strategy is illogical and unprofitable, with a negative expected return.
  • Members have stated that the course materials are poorly organized and repetitive. Nothing new is taught in the course that you couldn't learn for free elsewhere.
  • Felix Prehn uses manipulative marketing tactics such as boasting about his lifestyle, using animals to gain his audience's trust and offering a fraudulent money-back guarantee and return policy that he does not honor
    • Members MUST submit chargebacks to their credit card company and complain to their local government and law enforcement (FTC, FBI, etc.) 
    • When complaining to Government Agencies, you MUST provide evidence with your claims or else it will not be investigated.
  • Felix Prehn claims that his "banker friends" make "100% a year as their normal" - yet almost all hedge funds fail to beat the S&P 500.
    • If his fake "banker friends" made those returns then every one of them would be the richest people on earth within a short period of time.
  • Felix Prehn doesn't seem to understand basic options trading and makes numerous mistakes that even beginner traders would not make.
  • I do not believe that Felix Prehn actually trades, instead I believe he only engages in hypothetical trading. He also never shares his trading statements.

Nikolas Prehn, an Artist, is "Felix Prehn"

Felix Prehn is using an alias, as his real name is Nikolas Prehn.

He is described as an artist:

German artist Nikolas Prehn is internationally known for his appreciation and wonder of the natural world. 

Nikolas paints on the peak of a mountain overlooking natural lush forests and a wide ocean – this energy is captured in his art. He uses only sustainably sourced natural rock from France and pure Japanese linseed oil.

He may have owned a whiskey company, but that venture seems to have failed:

Source: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/officers/lZ94xoGkpbugWuIEvUqq5veNrOk/appointments

Felix Prehn wine and alcohol importer

It seems that Nikolas Prehn's, grandfather (or great grandfather), Rudolf Prehn started an alcohol import / export business and Nikolas has worked there:



Ironically, he has horrible reviews in this business as well.

There is zero evidence that Nikolas Prehn / Felix Prehn has any prior finance or trading experience at all.

It seems that all his previous work experience was in either art or as an alcohol importer / exporter.

Conclusion: Felix Prehn and Goat Academy Review

In my opinion, Felix Prehn from Goat Academy is the most dangerous predator I've ever reviewed.

Yes, I know that sounds hyperbolic, but the only person who comes close would be Teri Ijeoma from Trade and Travel.

I believe that Felix Prehn's primary intention is to take money from his audience by any means necessary.

Goat Academy members who are not satisfied should contact Goat Academy and give them 3 days to send you proof that they've initiated a refund.

If they fail to refund you, then members should consider filing a chargeback with their credit card company and also filing a complaint with their local law enforcement agency and / or Government Agency that investigates scams and fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Felix Prehn's net worth?

I would estimate that Felix Prehn's net worth is about $3 million USD, almost all of which comes from selling courses / memberships and mentorship programs etc. to his members.

Is Felix Prehn a fraud and scam artist?

In my opinion, I believe that Felix Prehn is a manipulative, narcissistic, sociopath who also happens to be a compulsive liar.

In my opinion, he's the worst person I've ever interviewed.

Goat Academy and Felix Prehn membership and mentorship review?

In my opinion, joining the Goat Academy would be an enormous mistake. I believe that almost all of Felix Prehn's members will lose money and be denied a refund.

Options Mentoring from Goat Academy Review?

In my opinion, Felix Prehn and Goat Academy are running a fraud and scam.

Who is Felix Prehn?

Felix Prehn is actually Nikolas Prehn, an artist who started a, now defunct, whiskey company.

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