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Selling Covered Calls Strategy

Selling Covered Calls

David Jaffee of does not recommend owning stock (unless the market is severely oversold).Stocks are very capital inefficient and owning stocks does not provide you with the highest

strategy for option trading

Warren Buffett Sells Option Premium

Warren Buffett is worth over $100 billion and considered one of the world’s greatest investors.As one of the wealthiest people on the planet, many traders and investors model their strategies after Buffett.The

options expire

What Happens When Options Expire?

When you trade options, you possess the right to buy or sell an underlying security with certain terms.David Jaffee of has taught more than 1,500 students how to trade options, including


When do options expire?

Stocks and option contracts differ in multiple ways, including expiration date.While stocks can exist in perpetuity, options expire and cease to exist.Understanding when options expire can help you make


Collar Option Strategy

Collar, hedge wrapper, collar strategy…If the options trading definitions and lingo are starting to sound foreign, don’t give up.With so many option trading strategies available to traders, it can

Buy Hold Sell

What Happens When an Option Gets Assigned?

The prospect of having options automatically exercised can scare a lot of traders.Beginner options traders often fear having an option assigned due to capital efficiency differences with stocks and options


Making Money in the Stock Market

The stock market can be a guessing game.And it is really easy to lose money.When it comes to the stock market, less is more.David Jaffee of knows that guessing direction is not


What is Implied Volatility?

The best options trading strategy is to sell option premium (although it's important to buy options occasionally too).But, how do you know whether you're receiving a good price? Implied volatility


What is an option contract?

If you want to be a profitable trader, you have to know the basics.Both new and veteran traders can benefit from reviewing foundational information, including the definition of an option contract.David


Simpler Trading Review. Is John Carter a SCAM?

Is John Carter from Simpler Trading legitimate?Watch this video below and learn my opinion: In my opinion, John Carter is not a profitable trader.I also believe

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