Invest with Henry review. 

Are Invest with Henry and Henry Moldavskiy legitimate?

Watch this video below and learn my opinion:

In my opinion, Invest with Henry's current options trading advice is very simple, yet it's not bad.

He tends to recommend naked options, covered calls, spreads and running the option wheel strategy.

Is his strategy anything that you need to pay for? No, I don't believe so.

But, there are many worse trading strategies out there.

The issue with Henry is more in his marketing and his horrendous stock picks. 

During his first few videos, he recommended buy and hold and said that he wouldn't recommend penny stocks.

Shortly thereafter, he started recommending penny stocks - almost all of them lost 90%+.

He also tells his viewers that he learned about options trading at Goldman Sachs from millionaire traders, yet then he said that he lost tens of thousands of dollars learning how to trade options.

There are claims that Invest with Henry and Henry Moldavskiy was fired from his back office / low-level group at Goldman Sachs while working as an intern.

Overall, his trading methodologies are very simple and I don't see any benefit to paying for them.

Invest with Henry's HORRENDOUS Stock Picks

During Invest with Henry's first few videos, he recommended solid companies like Starbucks, Colgate and Proctor & Gamble.

It seemed that he was advocating for buy and hold investing and only buying companies that consumers use in their daily lives.

He explicitly mentioned NOT to invest in  "dangerous penny stocks or low value companies, you should go for your favorite companies".(Source)

However, for some reason, Invest with Henry decided to deviate from this good advice and has, in my opinion, become one of the worst stock pickers ever.

While this sounds like an exaggeration, he seems to have a tremendous skill for choosing stocks that fall 90%+. 

Some of his picks include:

  • GEVO
  • UPST
  • NIO
  • OTLY
  • SPCE
  • WKHS
  • PLUG
  • HYLN
  • JD
  • BABA
  • LMND

All of these stock recommendations took place during one of the largest bull markets ever (with the market up around 70%) - yet Invest with Henry managed to pick 10+ stocks that got crushed.

TSLA Promoter and NVDA Detractor

Invest with Henry called TSLA a "value stock" when it was trading at $230 - yet in April 2024, it's currently trading around $155.

Ironically, this ~32% loss is a massive improvement from many of his other stock recommendations (so I guess he deserves credit that TSLA hasn't yet dropped 90%+).

Henry also told his subscribers to "unsubscribe" from anyone who believes that NVDA is a good stock since, "they don't know what they're talking about" and "they're not investors".

Henry Moldavskiy told his audience this when NVDA was trading around $470 - NVDA is currently trading around $900 (as of April 2024).

Failure to Hedge His Options Portfolio

While Invest with Henry's options trading strategy is definitely not the worst, I haven't seen him hedge his overall portfolio.

During a market crash, there is substantial correlation risk where investors who do not hedge start to lose money on all of their positions and can end up in a margin call.

In my opinion, during a market correction or crash, virtually all of Invest with Henry's followers will get crushed.

Embellishment of Experience at Goldman Sachs. Was Henry Fired?

Henry Moldavskiy seems to use his internship at Goldman Sachs as a way of building trust and authority with his audience.

The issue is that, as a former investment banker, his story doesn't make sense for numerous reasons.

First, he never worked in trading at Goldman Sachs - I believe he worked in internal auditing or risk.

When I interned at Morgan Stanley in internal auditing, we were in a completely separate building from revenue-producing groups (which were mostly in the 1585 Broadway office).

For Henry to claim that he worked alongside traders, or in the "pits", is completely ridiculous.

Also, interns have virtually ZERO responsibility and are usually assigned to a full-time employee who acts as their shadow.

Imagine the legal liability that Goldman Sachs would have if they gave their interns any type of legitimate responsibility.

Goldman Sachs makes almost all of their money as a market maker and via payment for order flow - for Henry to say that he would check to ensure that the options contracts were entered correctly seems like an embellishment, at best, or, more likely, an outright lie (in my opinion).

Also, because the majority of Goldman's trading revenue is as a market maker, there's virtually zero knowledge that institutional traders have that is transferrable to retail traders (since retail traders cannot make markets).

Finally, Henry claims that he left Goldman because "there was no more finance that they could teach him" (paraphrasing here, since I don't recall the exact quotation).

This statement is ridiculous. For an intern in a low-level group to claim that Goldman couldn't teach him anything about finance shows how crazy and narcissistic Henry Moldavskiy is.

Plus, think about it rationally, Henry grew up poor without many opportunities, he went to an average university, what is the probability that he would turn down a full-time offer from Goldman Sachs?

Virtually zero.

It's much more likely that he was never extended a full-time offer, or fired as mentioned by a YouTube commenter, and he's embellishing his low-level experience to build trust with his audience so that he can sell them things.

After publication of my YouTube video, I've had numerous people email me who have said similar things:

- Henry was a poor performer and was NOT provided with a full-time offer at Goldman Sachs

- He was NOT a trader

- He's been fired

- He embellishes his work experience. 

One of the emails is reproduced below:

Invest with Henry Fired

Conclusion: Invest with Henry Review and Henry Moldavskiy Review

In my opinion, Invest with Henry is one of the worst stock pickers in the world.

Yes, I know that sounds hyperbolic, but it's hard to find someone who's picked 10+ stocks that have gotten crushed during a bull market.

Also, his options trading strategy, while solid, is very simple and basic.

He also doesn't hedge his portfolio and has been caught contradicting himself (informing people not to invest in penny stocks, then recommending penny stocks shortly thereafter).

While I cannot be 100% certain without issuing subpoenas, I would estimate there's a 99% probability that he's lied about his Goldman Sachs experiences.

His marketing is also very aggressive, saying that he makes $2,000 a day and claiming that he learned from millionaire options traders at Goldman Sachs (yet then claims to have lost tens of thousands while learning how to trade options).

I believe that the FTC could easily shut down Henry Moldavskiy and Invest with Henry.

I also believe that virtually all of his students will lose money during a bear market.

Even so, to his credit, I believe that his core options trading strategy is pretty good and that if viewers are able to sift through the garbage, then beginning options might benefit from some of the basics that Invest with Henry teaches in his free YouTube videos.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Invest with Henry and Henry Moldavskiy net worth?

I would estimate Invest with Henry has a net worth of around $4 million USD, almost all of which comes from selling courses, alerts / Discord, coaching and mentorship programs etc. to his members.

Is Invest with Henry a scam artist?

In my opinion, I believe that there are many worse people than Invest with Henry. His core options trading strategies are simple and "okay". The issue is more so in his horrible stock market recommendations and blatant embellishment (in my opinion) of his experiences at Goldman Sachs.

Also, he seems to display characteristics of a narcissist, telling people to unsubscribe from other channels if they believe in NVDA because "if anyone tells you that NVDA is a good stock....they're not investors."

Then, claiming that there was no additional finance that he could learn at Goldman Sachs after working as a low-level intern for a short period of time in a back office role.

Even so, I wouldn't label him a scam artist. He's a lot better than many others in the space. Instead, I believe that people would benefit from watching his content to learn about options trading, covered calls and the wheel, and ignoring almost everything else.

Invest with Henry Discord review?

In my opinion, joining the Invest with Henry Discord would be an enormous mistake. I believe that almost all of Invest with Henry's members will get crushed during a bear market.

Invest with Henry course review?

In my opinion, enrolling in the Invest with Henry options trading course would be an enormous mistake. I believe that almost all of Invest with Henry's members will get crushed during a bear market.

Invest with Henry mentorship program review?

In my opinion, enrolling in the Invest with Henry's mentorship program would be an enormous mistake. The only benefit I could see (given his past recommendations) would be if Henry promised to recommend stocks to you and then you did the complete opposite.

Considering that many of his past recommendations fell 90%, you could, theoretically, make a large profit by doing the opposite of what he recommends.

Is Invest with Henry the worst stock picker ever?

While it's hard to call him the worst, Henry Moldavskiy certainly has a talent for picking stocks that drop ~90%. What makes this even more astounding is that the stock market has been in a euphoric bull market during this time.

Was Invest with Henry fired by Goldman Sachs?

I do not know, and it's impossible to know until he tells us or if I issue a subpoena to Goldman Sachs. However, I received a YouTube comment that indicates that Henry was fired from his 6 month internship at Goldman Sachs.

The comment indicates:

"YES he does embellish on his 6 month goldman sachs position where he worked very low end and was fired. He uses that to get youtube subscribers and he now makes money off of youtube and his 1 on 1 courses."

What is Invest with Henry's full name?

Henry Moldavskiy

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