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Success: 3 Things You Can Do [Most Important Tips]

Do you truly deserve success? 

In today’s blog post you’re going to find out whether you truly deserve the success that you desire.

I’ll also show you three things you can do to deserve success. 

I will show you how to work hard, instead of wasting your time. I will also show you how to prioritize yourself. Finally, I will show you how to develop discipline and strive for constant improvement.

Achieving success is not an easy feat, and not everyone deserves success. 

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Earlier today I received an email from a guy who asked me if he can make 5% every single week by trading options.  

I was surprised that he would think that this is even plausible, considering that if you made 5% every week you would soon become the richest person in the world.

So, I asked myself: why do people think that easy money exists? And why do people believe that they deserve this success? 

Here are the three things you can do to deserve success: 

  • Work hard. Do not stop until you reach your goals. 
  • Prioritize yourself. Take care of yourself and build good habits.
  • Be disciplined and strive for constant improvement. This includes getting things done even if you don't feel like doing it.

Be real with yourself: what steps have you taken in order to deserve the success of earning five million dollars?

Have you learned valuable skills? Do you have valuable habits? Are you eating extremely healthy? Do you go to the gym? Do you take care of your loved ones? 

The fact is that a lot of people don't do these things. Some eat really unhealthy food, some are overweight, some are even addicted to pills like opioids in order to avoid dealing with reality, some are in debt, etc.

These bad habits cloud people’s judgment and thoughts. And still, people believe that they can turn a small amount of money into a large amount of money. They truly feel that they deserve it.

These things may not seem related, but in order to deserve success you need to treat yourself with respect first and make good decisions. You need to develop a strong work and a health ethic. Without this, you will never deserve or achieve success. Or worse, you may never accomplish your true potential. 

If you truly want to be successful you have to focus on developing positive habits and discipline. Honoring yourself, your commitments & optimizing your habits.

"If you truly want to be successful you have to focus on developing positive habits and discipline. Honoring yourself, your commitments & optimizing your habits." - David Jaffee, BestStockStrategy.com

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The truth is this takes time! And that is completely okay. 

You're going to have to take steps back in order to take steps forward. You can take two steps forward and one step back. 

Instead, people oftentimes try to run and earn money as quickly as possible. 

Then, they realize they've ended up wasting their time and their money. They experience a substantial amount of frustration and anger.

So I’ll return to the question that I asked you earlier: are you deserving of the success that you desire?

It is crucially important that you stop and examine yourself. Look at your habits and behavior. Are you eating healthy? Are you treating your loved ones well? Are you treating strangers with respect? Are you honoring your commitments? Are you using your time productively?

You are a culmination of your habits when nobody is watching you.

Remember that, "How we spend our days is of course how we spend our lives." - so make sure that you are efficient with how you spend your time.

"You are a culmination of your habits when nobody is watching you.." - David Jaffee, BestStockStrategy.com

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Work Hard & Do Not Stop Until You Reach Success (Step One)

Right now it's around 11:00 p.m and I am writing this blog post. I'm pretty tired, and truthfully I should be going to sleep. But I had on my to-do list that I wanted to write this blog post, so before going to bed I’m writing it.

If you don’t respect your own goals and deadlines, no one else will. 

Honor your commitments to yourself. It builds confidence.

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Prioritise Yourself: Take Care Of Yourself & Success Will Follow (Step Two)

You know how on airplanes they tell you to put on your own mask first before helping someone else? There is a reason for this. 

If you do not take care of yourself first, you will not be able to do anything for anyone else (including work). 

You have to make sure that you establish good habits. That includes not eating after about 7 or 8PM. It includes finding time to go to the gym, and finding the time to cook yourself healthy meals.

Be Disciplined and Strive for Constant Improvement (Step Three)

I'm not perfect, and just like any human being I make a lot of mistakes. I also get very stressed out. I am not holding myself up to be someone who has everything figured out.

Life is a journey.

It's not about achieving perfection, staying on top of the mountain, and then gloating about how perfect you are.

However, you must always learn from your mistakes and commit yourself to constant improvement.

You should always try to get better, reflect on your faults, and try to improve them.

One of the most effective ways of being productive with your time is to force yourself to do things irrespective of how you feel. Do NOT wait for your mood to lead your actions, instead, you should take action irrespective of how you feel.

This is something that you can practice.

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You have to start taking baby steps because there are no easy shortcuts. There are no ways for you to earn easy money and achieve success without learning valuable skills.

Learning valuable skills takes time and discipline.

Commit yourself to improving your skills and educating yourself. Improve your habits. That's the best way that you can accomplish your goals and dreams.

Take a good, hard look at yourself and examine yourself. Self-awareness is extremely important.

Your future self will look back and thank your present self for making the necessary changes so that you can live an incredible life. 

Do You Deserve Success? Conclusion

You're going to have to make sacrifices right now. Make sure that what you're doing when nobody’s watching is going to benefit yourself in the future. 

Be productive with your time and develop positive habits!

In conclusion, here are the three things you can do to make sure you deserve success:

1) work hard (instead of wasting your time chasing “easy” money)

2) prioritize yourself (take good care of yourself)

3) be disciplined and strive for constant improvement

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