Real P&L Course Review: Learn Whether Karl Domm Is Legit – Options Trading with David Jaffee
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Real P&L Course Review

Real P&L Course Review. Is Karl Domm Legit?

Real P&L Course Review: Learn Whether Karl Domm Is Legit

Read this post to learn about the Real P&L options trading course by Karl Domm. experts created this detailed review about the P&L trading course.

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David Jaffee Reviews Real P&L Options Trading and Karl Domm

Real P&L review from David Jaffee.

Karl Domm first appeared on David Jaffee’s radar when he began commenting on’s YouTube videos.

His comments were always insightful and very knowledgeable. When David Jaffee reviewed Karl Domm’s YouTube channel, Real P&L, he found impressive content.

Review videos on the Real P&L channel are extensive with great details: sharing the pros and cons of various systems available.

When Karl launched his own options trading course, David Jaffee knew he had to review Karl's options trading strategy for himself.

Keep reading to learn whether or not Karl Domm’s options trading course is a scam. 

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Who is Karl Domm and the Real P&L Channel?

Karl Domm is the host of the Real P&L YouTube channel and author of the Five Step Options Trading Success Program. Domm has owned several businesses, and he has traded options online for more than 25 years.

His YouTube channel, Real P&L, combines his passions of making a living through options trading, teaching personal finance and exposing fake gurus.

Is Karl Domm and Real P&L Options Trading a Scam?

No, Karl Domm is definitely legitimate and he's not a scam. Karl Domm's Five Step Options Trading Success Program presents Karl’s extensive knowledge and experience in an easy-to-follow options trading course.

Karl Domm backtested about 300 options trading strategies and now shares the options trading strategy with the highest risk-adjusted return that is also very simple to execute.

When reviewing Karl Domm’s Five Step Options Trading Success Program, David Jaffee noticed immediately that instead of trying to trade low float stocks, Domm encourages his students to trade the SPX index option.

David Jaffee prefers trading individual underlyings because there is usually more premium available. However, with the SPX you have tremendous amount of liquidity, 1256 tax advantaged status (for US residents), and the choice of more options expirations than individual underlyings.

The simplicity of Karl Domm’s course is also another positive factor. David Jaffee encourages his own students to reduce the number of underlyings on their watch list.

When students open trades into underlyings that they have no business initiating, it can lead to substantial losses and stress. By paring down and focusing on SPX, Karl Domm reduces the risk of opening positions in problematic positions.

Another thing that sets Karl Domm apart from other options trading “gurus” and coaches is that he shows his real trading statement (his real profit and loss statement). Very few people in the industry do that, choosing instead to fudge numbers or mislead students.

At one point, Domm shared his P&L every day. Now, he shares his P&L on a monthly basis.

Besides David Jaffee and, Domm is one of the few options traders who shares his legitimate P&L with full transparency.

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What results can you expect with the Five Step Options Trading Success Program from Karl Domm?

While Karl Domm seems like a genuine guy with a good intent, it doesn't mean anything if his options trading strategy is unsuccessful.

The system presented in the Five Step Options Trading Success Program from Real P&L has about a 75% win rate while being able to control the large portfolio volatility that comes with selling options.

If you follow his course, you are expected to make about 14.5% a year with a maximum draw down of about 5%.

You are going to experience 2x the returns when compared with investing in the S&P 500 index, and you are only going to experience 25% of the volatility risk.

The primary reason you are going to make money with this course and with his trading strategy is that you are able to profit from the theta decay and from the mispricing of options (since the actual volatility is almost always less than the expected volatility).

There are typically one or two times per year when a massive volatility expansion occurs. Karl Domm’s system takes this into account and protects you against those large volatility expansion events by instructing you to trade spreads.

He also encourages you to buy an extra protective put option to protect against a black swan event.

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Final Thoughts on the Real P&L Options Trading Course

Overall, David Jaffee found Karl Domm’s options trading course to be very impressive. The course is incredibly simple, taking only five to 10 minutes per day. Domm walks you through a thorough checklist that is easy to set up, execute and follow.

In essence, you put on a few trades and wait. Once a trade is executed, you immediately put in a closing order at your defined profit target.

From there, you rinse and repeat, doing the same process again.

One of the only drawbacks of this system is that it is not a particularly “sexy system.” If you like to be very active, it is possible that this course is not for you. You will only make a trade about once every two weeks. You will not earn 40% to 50% per year, but you will earn twice as much as the S&P 500 with substantially less risk.

The Five Step Options Trading Success Program is also very effective when used in conjunction with David Jaffee’s online options trading course at Karl Domm is one of the few people who shows his P&L, making him more trustworthy than many of the popular “gurus” today.

His course is priced at $997, which is a great value for the content provided. You will also gain access to additional resources, including Karl Domm’s book and audiobook.

Students enrolled in the Five Step Options Trading Success Program can join the Real P&L Insiders Options Trading Group through Facebook at no additional cost.

Domm is also very responsive, answering emails and questions from students in a timely manner.

Thanks for reading the Real P&L review.

You can enroll in Karl Domm's Real P&L options trading strategy course here:

Enroll in the Five Step Options Trading Success Program today.

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