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Best Option Trading Experts

Best Option Trading Experts on YouTube

Like many people, you may assume that trading options is tougher and more complicated than regular day trading or trading stocks. However, this isn’t true.

Trading options and using option strategies to sell options, such as selling a covered call option against an underlying long position, simply requires you to think differently. This means more research, patience, and practice.

Although learning to trade options does not come naturally, the best thing is that a considerable amount of educational resources about options trading are readily available for free on the internet.

YouTube is among the best financial resources for individuals who want to learn to trade options.

Let’s discuss the best option trading experts to learn from on YouTube. I will give you a quick rundown on who I believe are the best options trading experts to learn from on YouTube

Here are the top seven channels, in no particular order.

1.  TastyTrade / Tastylive

While I don't agree with all of TastyTrade's methodology, selling option premium is a great way to earn a consistent profit. TastyTrade has a ton of resources and valuable free information. With more than 320,000 subscribers, TastyTrade produces eight hours of live programming every weekday, Monday to Friday.

You may learn key things about selling options from this YouTube channel, such as selling options using uncovered and covered strategies.

However, be careful, because I believe that option traders who follow Tastytrade take too much risk and will almost always be forced into a margin call during a recession. Also, I believe that traders who strictly follow Tastytrader are encouraged to trade too often, which can lead to trading losses.

2.  Project Finance

Chris Butler, creator of ProjectFinance, used to work at TastyTrade. I believe that his brother, Mike Butler, still does. His videos are well made, and they are relatively simplistic. I believe ProjectFinance, previously called ProjectOption, is a great resource for beginning options traders, and Chris Butler usually provides very good advice.

3.  Karl Domm / Real P&L Channel

From the Real P&L channel, Karl Domm shows his profit and loss statement every single month, and he is someone that I’ve found to be incredibly honest.

Karl is also responsive to his students and is a hard worker.

The Real P & L channel is a great resource.

Karl's approach focuses on minimizing portfolio volatility and reducing drawdowns. Karl has proven to be profitable in all market environments.

4.  InTheMoney

With more than 440,000 subscribers, this is another useful resource. I've done a review on Adam from InTheMoney. I find him to be incredibly intelligent, and he speaks well.  I like his videos, and think that Adam is a great resource if you are interested in learning about options trading.

5.  Shihab's Blog

Shihab is very good at ruthlessly critiquing his own trades and analyzing what he could do better and improve upon.

He keeps a spreadsheet of all his trades and goes through his profits and losses.

He's a great resource to learn from.

6.  JC Gilbert

JC Gilbert is a young trader. JC Gilbert is someone that I also interviewed. I think that he's incredibly intelligent and has a very bright future in the industry.

I noticed that JC hasn't posted recently, but his older content is still great.

7.  David Jaffee from BestStockStrategy

David Jaffee, a former Wall Street investment banker, shares his trades every month and provides concise educational content about options trading.

He also offers an options trading education course and option trade alerts at

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can learn about various aspects of options trading and selling options through YouTube videos without spending a penny. The seven YouTube channels mentioned above are an excellent place to start.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the best options trading channels on YouTube?

In no particular order, the best option trading YouTube channels are:

1) Real P&L

2) BestStockStrategy

3) InTheMoney

4) ProjectFinance

5) Shihab's Blog

6) JC Gilbert

7) Tastytrade

Can I learn options trading for free on YouTube?

Yes, you can, but it'll likely take you a long time and you may be better off taking a comprehensive course to save time and minimize mistakes.

You can enroll in an options trading education course at

Can I learn options trading for free on YouTube?

Yes, you can, but it'll likely take you a long time and you may be better off taking a comprehensive course to save time and minimize mistakes.

You can enroll in an options trading education course at

What about options trading YouTube channels that claim to turn $2,000 into $100,000+?

Most of these channels are scams. They tend to encourage very risky trades, such as buying call options using significant leverage.

The probability of making 1 cent, and not losing money, by following them, is close to 0%.

Many of the gurus who run these channels do not trade, and they do not consistently share their trades and / or trading statements.

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