Peachy Investor review. 

Is Peachy Investor legitimate?

Watch this video below and learn my opinion:

In my opinion, Peachy Investor (or Brittney Marie) is a degenerate gambler with a losing trading strategy.

Her channel, from the onset, has the goal of funneling followers into her paid program (which is fine if it actually provided valuable information).

She shows selective trades (similar to a gamble who only shows a few winning hands and then claims to be profitable).

The worst thing about her is that her trading strategies (scalping futures) are virtually guaranteed to lose money.

Followers of Peachy Investor are almost guaranteed to churn their accounts down to zero.

Peachy Investor HORRENDOUS Risk Management

I spent hours watching Peachy Investor's videos (time I wish I could get back), and one thing I noticed is that it's not uncommon for her to trade HUNDREDS of options contracts.

That type of size is negligent.

Since switching to futures, she claims that her strategy hasn't changed at all. 

As a result, I assume that she's still "yoloing" and "playing lottos" like a degenerate gambler.

Conclusion: Peachy Investor Review

In my opinion, following Peachy Investor is virtually guaranteed to blow up your account.

I tried to find a redeeming quality about her, but there is none.

Peachy Investor doesn't show her trading statements and cherry-picks a few winning trades.

Her risk management is horrible.

Peachy Investor has nothing of value to teach and, in my opinion, her YouTube channel is set up with the intention of grifting her followers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Peachy Investor net worth?

I would estimate Peachy Investor has a net worth of around $500,000 USD, almost all of which comes from selling courses, alerts / Discord, coaching and mentorship programs etc. to her members.

Is Peachy Investor a scam artist?

In my opinion, Peachy Investor is a scam artist and a fraud.

Peachy Investor Discord review?

In my opinion, joining Peachy Investor's Discord group would be an enormous mistake. I believe that almost all of her members will churn their accounts down to zero.

Peachy Investor course review?

In my opinion, enrolling in the Peachy Investor trading course would be an enormous mistake. I believe that almost all of her members will lose money.

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